Funded Research Projects

  1. G. Prater, S. Park, Y. Lian, M. K. Sunkara, and M. L. McIntyre, University of Louisville Site in an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems (EV-STS), NSF-12-516, $299,900, (07/15/16 - 06/30/21).

  2. M. L. McIntyre, Linear Motor Control Development: Phases 7 and 8, GE Appliances, (8/15/16-8/14/17).

  3. M. L. McIntyre, L. Bai, Optimal Control in an Integrated Demand Response Demonstration Project - A Subcontract to Glasgow EPB's Smart Energy Technology Solution, (TVA-Smart Energy Technologies), $370,334, (6/1/15-9/30/17).

Thrust Research Projects

  1. Advanced Controllers for Smart Inverter Applications

    1. Stand-alone Operation

    2. 3-Phase Grid Support

    3. Split-Phase Grid Support

    4. DERMS Control Schemes

  2. System/Community Wide Demand Respond Control Schemes

  3. Advanced Controllers for Stirling Engines

    1. Modeling

  4. Advanced Controllers for DC:DC Converter

    1. Buck-Type

      1. 2nd-Order Models

      2. Advanced Controllers and Observers

  5. Advanced Controllers for Electric Machinery

    1. Modeling

    2. Develop Novel Controllers